why hello there. welcome to jess cally art.


i'm an australian artist who relocated to portland, oregon just over two years ago. a self identified gypsy; i must admit i'm very much enjoying the daily bikes rides, coffee sessions, and abundance of squirrels. indeed, portland has a lot to offer. i think i'll hang out here for a while.


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paper collage                sculpture/ installation      painting

photography                   paper diorama               textiles



news just in! 'the little star,' is now available for purchase on amazon.com. to pick up a copy, just head to the following link:




it took me a little over a year to complete all 20 images for this delightful children's book, written by the incredibly talented laura jaworski. each image is a photograph taken with my iphone of a carefully constructed diorama. coloured paper, fishing wire and blu tac was all that was used to create these images. (oh! and a shoe box) please note, none of the photographs have been altered or photoshopped in any way.