the esc project. (2012)

The Esc project began in early 2012 just as I was making my own escape from real life on a year long trip around the world. For 12 months, along with a backpack full of perpetually dirty laundry, I carried a zip-lock bag full of computer keys ready to scatter upon foreign landscapes when inspiration arrived. It was the perfect assignment for an aspiring nomad. Not only because of the size restrictions innate to living out of a backpack, but also because even the smallest reminder of an office lifestyle, especially when juxtaposed against natural beauty, reinforced my decision to spend a meager life savings on train tickets and street food. As each new generation looks more and more towards escapism on the internet I felt like an empowered throwback pioneer finding inspiration under immense blue skies instead of tiny blue screens. Alas my trip (and savings) eventually came to an end, but to this day I still carry the now tatted Esc keys in my purse.