'The Little Star' is a children's book that tells the story of a little star and her friend mr owl. their quest to discover where she can grant her wishes takes the owl through the forrest where he encountes many animals. a bat, a racoon, a fish and a skunk are just to name a few! written by the extremely talented Laura Jaworski,(www.laurajaworski.com) i was only more then happy to create illustrations for this adorable story.


it took me a little over a year to create all 20 images for this delightful book.

each image is a photograph taken with my i-phone of a carefully constructed diorama. coloured paper, fishing wire and a whole lot of blu tac was all that was used to create these images. (oh! and a shoe box) please note, none of the photographs have been altered or photoshopped in any way. 


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